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BGPMap [r7.11_04-12-2020] - Visualisation of Hellenic Wireless Metropolitan Network active back-bone nodes on Google Maps.

to reveal your local IP use bgpmap.awmn

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Nodes which are not registered in any Hellenic Wireless Metropolitan Network and hence not depicted on map:

3298, 3928, 9627, 7816, 7817, 52002, 42020, 42057, 42056, 52001, 52003, 52004, 52005, 61012

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BGP feed is updated on an hourly basis by parsing live data from Supper Quagga; a service provided by Ozonet (#3298).

The more people are contributing to Supper Quagga, the higher level of precision is achived. For those who are interested in enhancing this service further more, less than 5' of your time is required for configuring your router in order to disseminate your BGP status to Supper Quagga. Process is completely resource-free & safe. No information other than BGP is collected. For more information please see here. If a location on the map is incorrectly marked feel free to contact me at geolos@hotmail.com.


BGPmap supports the following URL parameters: nodeID, nodeName & [posA, posB, heightA, heightB, POSval]

Usage example: http://bgpmap.awmn/?nodeID=9895

Usage example: http://bgpmap.awmn/?nodeName=geolos

Usage example: http://bgpmap.awmn/?posA=37.9427,23.7124&posB=37.9446,23.7061&heightA=18&heightB=20&POSval=1

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Data extracted from:

SPQuagga: 09:10am, 14/07/2024 [OK]

AWMN WiND: 05:30am, 13/07/2024 [OK]

Other WMNs: 03:22pm, 05/10/2020 [OK]

Speed Servers: 06:10pm, 11/09/2020 [OK]

Active Nodes: